Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers 2

Relased: August 29, 2003 5.6 1 h 46 min 1080p

The winged, carnivorous beast that feeds for twenty-three days every twenty-three years returns again. This time, a high school baseball team serves as food. After the match, the champion team goes home on a school bus, accompanied by their coaches and cheerleaders. However, the bus gets stuck on the infamous Kelet 9 national road. As darkness descends, the young people face their wildest fears on the deserted road. A murderous monster is taking its victims from among them. The only way they can survive the horrible night is to take on the terrifying opponent.

Director: Victor Salva

Writer: Victor Salva

Stars: Jonathan Breck. Ray Wise. Nicki Aycox