Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Relased: 2018 6.8 10 min/Ep 1080p

Series content Goku and Vegeta train while future Trunks visit them. Suddenly, Trunks disappears and a strange teenager appears, named Fu, and tells the Goku that the future Trunks has been locked up in a place no different than the Prison Planet. This planet is a kind of neutral zone between the universes. In order for the Gokou to save Trunks, they must collect the Dragon Balls and fight long battles.”

Seasons: 5 (2018- )

Status: Ongoing

Channel: Fuji TV YouTube Starring Ryusei Nakao, Ryou Horikawa, Kappei Yamaguchi

Starring: Ryô Horikawa, Takeshi Kusao, Masako Nozawa