Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Relased: August 3, 2022 7.5 2 h 7 min 1080p

Once he enters the path of sin, he cannot get out again. Ladybug (Brad Pitt) tried to put the gun down and failed. He receives another assignment from his mysterious boss (Sandra Bullock) and has to get back to work. This time you must get a briefcase at any cost. No matter how many people die for it. The bag travels on the Japanese super train traveling at hundreds of kilometers per hour. Ladybug takes off, expecting a simple, clean job, and realizes how unpleasant it is to have no exit. Because there are some other people on the train who want something crazy, unpredictable and cruel with a) the bag b) with her c) with something completely different. Assassins, avengers, Simlis and robbers fight each other carefully at first, then more and more wildly. And there is no exit. Because the train is moving on. Deadpool 2.

Directed By David Leitch

Written By Zak Olkewicz. Kôtarô Isaka

Stars: Brad Pitt. Joey King. Aaron Taylor-Johnson