Relased: December 17, 2009 7.8 2 h 42 min 1080p

A war veteran paralyzed from the waist down travels to the remote Pandora. The planet’s inhabitants, the Na’vik, are a race similar to humans – but their language and culture are incomprehensibly different from ours. In this world of beauty and deadly dangers, Earthlings must pay a very high price for survival. But they also get a very big opportunity: by preserving their old brain, they can take on a new body, and in the new body, they can watch themselves and the incomprehensible, wild world around them through the eyes of an alien being. However, the veteran came with a different purpose. The new body also means a new, secret task for him, which he must carry out at all costs.

Directed By James Cameron

Written By James Cameron

Stars Sam Worthington. Zoe Saldana. Sigourney Weaver