DC League of Super Pets

DC League of Super Pets

Relased: July 29, 2022 7.5 1 h 45 min 1080p

Krypto the Super Dog: He can fly and is just a little bit pompous – but what dog would stay humble when he owns Superman, with whom he shares his superpowers and fights against the depraved criminals of Metropolis? However, all the members of the Justice League, including Superman, are kidnapped by a main villain, and the dog is left to fend for himself. What else could he do, take control. He gathers a strange group of people: a baby bloodhound, a pot-bellied pig, a not-so-fast turtle and a squirrel with a big mouth, and together they throw themselves into the rescue operation: during their adventures, they all acquire new superpowers, which causes some confusion, but the supervillain comes in handy during human and animal trials against.

Directors: Jared Stern. Sam J. Levine

Written By Jared Stern. John Whittington

Stars: Dwayne Johnson. Kevin Hart. Kate McKinnon