Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Relased: June 17, 2022 7.2 1 h 37 min 1080p

Nancy Stokes, a widowed retired school teacher, longs for adventure, human connection and some sex. Good for sex. Although she found a home with her husband, they raised a child and she even managed to have something similar to life, good sex was never part of it. However, Robert is no longer there, and Nancy has a plan: she goes on a journey of discovery with the help of a sex worker named Leo Grande. In a hotel room, Nancy meets Leo. He is just as handsome as in the photo, but what catches Nancy unprepared is the conversation and fornication that awaits her. Leo has an opinion on everything, and although he doesn’t always tell the truth, Nancy likes him. And Leo him too. As her sexual confidence grows, Nancy loosens up. In the course of three meetings, the balance of power also begins to change, and the masks worn by the two people slowly fall away.

Director: Sophie Hyde

Writer: Katy Brand

Stars: Emma Thompson. Daryl McCormack. Isabella Laughland